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Need a dental X-ray?

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Smile Tech Dental & Implant Centre has all the latest technology in-house to provide you with a great idea of what’s going on with your teeth. Find our surgery based in Blue Water Shopping Centre in Greenhithe near Dartford.


Excellent in-house technology

Smile Tech Dental & Implant Centre offers OPG scanning, CBCT imaging and dental X-ray services to patients and referring dentists in the Greenhithe area. To make fitting in an appointment easier for our patients, we’re open during the evenings and on weekends. If you need a clear picture of your dental health, our imaging technology is the best place to start.

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What are OPG and CBCT scans?

OPG, or a panoramic x-ray or radiograph, is a 2D X-ray showing all teeth of the upper and lower jaw in a single film. This type of X-ray helps the dentist to identify the problems with the jawbone and the TMJ. The two-dimensional image allows the dentist to see bone levels for orthodontic treatment, wisdom teeth that may require extraction allows the dentist to diagnose and create the right treatment plan for each patient.


CBCT scans generate a three-dimensional image of dental structures in a single scan. This is useful for dental implant surgery and sinus lifting.

Your dentist can refer you for the following:

OPG - £50

CBCT - £149

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Need to book a dental X-ray? Use our booking link below.

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