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Interested in Profhilo treatments?

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Smile Tech Dental & Implant Centre in Greenhithe provides a range of aesthetic treatments, including Profhilo. If you’d like to improve your skin’s appearance, contact our team to book an appointment today. Our Clinic is located in Blue Water Shopping Centre in Greenhithe near Dartford


Aesthetic treatment experts

Located within Bluewater Shopping Centre, Smile Tech Dental & Implant Centre is open 7 days a week, making it more accessible for you to consider non-surgical aesthetic treatments. If you’ve got concerns about your skin, a discussion with our team is the best place to start. Contact us now to book an initial consultation.

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Profhilo – the new alternative to fillers

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You may have heard of Profhilo before and be wondering what exactly it is and why it is becoming such a popular name. Profhilo is not a filler or a wrinkle treatment, but a bio-remodelling product for your skin. Like fillers, it does contain hyaluronic acid, a product that we naturally make less of as we age. Profhilo also encourages the production of new elastic and collagen, further improving the appearance of your skin.


Profile is not a thick gel like most fillers, it’s more similar in texture to honey. This means it won’t form odd lumps and bumps beneath your skin and can easily flow under the surface. For this reason, Profhilo is a much better alternative on areas such as the hands, neck and arms.

Enjoy smoother skin today

Profhilo can be used to smooth fine lines and increase elasticity on the face, neck, hands, arms and décolleté. We usually recommend 2 treatments 4 weeks apart. Clients often see the full results of their treatment within 1 month of the second treatment. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation to see if Profhilo is right for you.

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Use the link below to book your Profhilo consultation treatment today.

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