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Blepharoplasty treatments for your upper and lower eyelids

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Smile Tech Dental & Implant Centre are conveniently located within Blue Water Shopping Centre in Greenhithe near Dartford. We are here to help you feel more confident in your appearance. If your eyelids are causing you concern, get in touch today for a free blepharoplasty consultation.


"You look tired?"

If you keep hearing this comment, despite not having any issues with sleeping, or have noticed yourself how your eyelids are starting to sag, it can be damaging to your confidence. Fine lines, dark circles and sagging eyelids can all cause us to look a lot older than we feel. Blepharoplasty treatments can help to remove excess skin around the eyes to promote a more youthful appearance. Either the upper, lower or both sets of eyelids can be treated. Contact our aestheticians in Greenhithe, Dartford today to arrange a free consultation.

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Key info on eyelid reduction treatments

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How does the treatment work?
Very small incisions are made close to your eyes and excess skin is then removed from your upper or lower eyelids. The place we make the incision and the tiny stitches we use ensure there is minimal chance of there being any visible scarring afterwards.

Is there any downtime?
The procedure will happen under local anaesthetic and will take 1 hour per eyelid. We’ll take the stitches out 7-10 days afterwards. Most people feel able to return to work and normal duties 4 days after surgery.

Will the results be permanent? 
Blepharoplasty is an effective way to address signs of ageing and is considered to be a long-lasting procedure. However, your face will naturally change as you continue to age.

How much does this treatment cost?
Upper blepharoplasty - £2500
Lower blepharoplasty - £2500


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Book a consultation with Smile Tech Dental & Implant Centre now using the link below.

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